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QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill

QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill
QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill

QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill

QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill. QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit. Is the largest wholesaler of Open Source CNC parts to the world. By having the parts produced ourselves, or sourcing the parts directly from the factory, we eliminate the middle man and in doing so are able to provide the best wholesale price direct to the public!

CNC Machine is a linear rail upgrade based off the very popular WorkBee CNC Machine. It is a super Performance Improvement version, Highly-rigid and High-Precision CNC engraver, which is very popular with our customers. Our WorkBee Full Kit is a self-assembly kit comes with everything needed for building your CNC Machine. Other parts that are needed for you to perform your'first cut' are: - Baseboard (usually ply or mdf).

Power cord from wall socket to input of power supply and VFD (this varies across different countries). We have different controller and spindle bundles for choice, and with Full Series machine size. It can accurately cut pcb, foams, woods, plastics and aluminum to manufacture functional engineering parts, toys, signs, 3D carvings, furniture or whatever you can imagine! Aluminium / Hard Wood / Soft Wood / Oak / Plexi Glass / Delrin / HDPE / Foam. The age old issue of flex in the X-Z axis on the Work-Bee CNC was a common topic when considering upgrades for the machine. The main solution individuals came to was replacing the V-Wheels with Linear Rails to increase overall rigidity and accuracy as well as reduce chatter when working on metals. After many CNC owners and members of the community approached us requesting a high quality linear rail solution for their machine at an affordable price, our technicians worked hard researching different options available and ways we can improve on existing designs. The result of the project is the. By eliminating the middle man we are able to provide the end user with the linear rail machine they want and at the best wholesale price available! Cooled Spindle Bundles for Choice. If you do not need spindle choose "None".

220V Please Add Note under your Order. All Extrusions are M5 Tapped as where it is necessary. Take a Look at our CNC Controller Options. We understand that it can be confusing deciding between the many different CNC Controller options we offer. This guide is to help explain the differences between the options available.

Our 6 CNC Controller Options are broken into 2 software categories. These are the different software programs that are used to control the CNC Machine and send G-Code. The decision of which controller option to install depends on what software program you will be using on your computer. Our professional recommendation is the. Controller which is the most advanced GRBL CNC Controller of its class in the world.

It has 6A silent stepper drivers, WiFi + off-line options, and is 4x faster than our other controllers. Is the most advanced GRBL CNC Controller in the world.

Developed by Spark Concepts in USA who have been making GRBL CNC products for many years. It runs off a 32bit processor with over 4x the processing power of most other GRBL controllers.

The xPRO V5 is pre-assembled and pre-flashed with the latest GRBL version. We recommend the xPRO V5 as the best controller option available. The stepper drivers are easily suitable for our High Torque Stepper Motors and can even power stronger motors such as Nema34. 32bit processor - High powered Trinamic 6A Stepper Drivers - Supports VFD control - Easy Plug and Play - SD Card which allows for offline use - Both Wi-Fi connection & USB connection (user choice) - This option is the best choice for both a novice starting out, and with people with experience and technical knowledge.

GRBL Standard Current system uses an Arduino Uno compatible board with an 8bit processor. The Maker Shield is installed onto the Uno. The Maker Shield is an upgrade to the CNC Shield and has 4 embedded DRV8825 drivers. Unlike a traditional CNC Shield the upgraded Maker Shield is compatible with the latest version of GRBL and has larger tracks on the board to allow for higher current stepper motors. This option is suitable for if you have technical knowledge. GRBL High Current system uses an Arduino Nano with 8bit processor to control the CNC machine. This system uses external genuine TB6600 Stepper Drivers suitable for High Torque Stepper Motors. This system does require you to wire up all the components yourself and flash the Nano with GRBL. Because of this it is a very customisable system. Is the upgrade to the NVUM CNC controller. It is developed by Digital Dream and used for 4-Axis CNC Machines.

The controller is compatible with a standard MPG Pendant and has many inputs and outputs. If you want to use Mach3 or DrufelCNC then we recommend this controller. The UC300 system uses external genuine TB6600 Stepper Drivers suitable for High Torque Stepper Motors. This system does require some more work in wiring and setting up. System controls 4 axis and is compatible with Mach3 or DrufelCNC.

The NVUM system has been used for years and has many online forums about it. The NVUM system uses external genuine TB6600 Stepper Drivers suitable for High Torque Stepper Motors. Controller system can control up to 5 axis and is compatible with Mach3 or DrufelCNC.

The STB5100 system uses the TB6600-T4 board which is suitable for our high torque stepper motors. This system is complex and we do not recommend this system for a novice. 1.5 KW Air/Water Cooled Spindle. 1.5kW Air Cooled Spindle Net weight: 2.6kg.

1.5kW Air Cooled Spindle Spec: f 65 x 205 mm. 1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Net weight: 4.2kg. 1.5kW Water Cooled Spindle Spec: f 80 x 205 mm. High Speed-7 series 4 Bearings.

Voltage: 220 250 V or 110 V. Run-out off: less than 0.005 mm. VFD Inverter 1.5 kW 220 V or 110 V. Collet: ER11 (15pcs/set, size from 1 mm to 7 mm). 2.2 KW Air/Water Cooled Spindle. 2.2kW Air Cooled Spindle Net weight: 5.5kg.

2.2kW Air Cooled Spindle Spec: f 80x 205 mm. 2.2kW Water Cooled Spindle Net weight: 5.3kg.

2.2kW Water Cooled Spindle Spec: f 80 x 205 mm. VFD Inverter 2.2kW 220 V or 110 V. Collet: ER20 (28pcs/set, size from 1 mm to 13mm). Nema 23 High-Torque Stepper Motors.

Resistance per phase: 1.2? The Cable Drag Chain system is installed to protect the wiring of the CNC Machine.

Due to the moving axis on the machine a dynamic cable protection system is required. Our 15x30mm Cable Drag Chains have each individual link able to be opened up, this is an incredibly useful feature that the smaller drag chains do not have. Drag chains can be shortened or lengthened by simply removing or joining links of the chain.

Our router spindle mount kit provides all the mounting hardware required to securely attach a router. Dual spindle structure makes your Z axis running more steadily! The XYZ Touch Probe allows you to quickly identify and set your work zero in (X, Y, and Z-Axis) by running the probing features found in the CNC Machines Control Interface. Our Touch Probes boast a plug and play feature which allows you to freely connected and disconnect the probe when not in use. Using the BULK-MAN 3D XYZ Touch Probe allows you to quickly identify the datum position of your workpiece and utilise its accuracy when running 2 sided jobs on your CNC Machine. The QueenBee PRO has some very Impressive Features that have been Introduced. Upgraded Plate Set Design for all axis. The new plates have many key features including. Providing a solution for linear rail motion. Correctly aligning the lead screw motion system. Additional mounting options for increasing overall rigidity. Smarter design to allow for easy adjustments of parts after assembly. High Quality Precision Linear Rails for the entire motion of the axis. Upgraded Specialised Nut Block Spacer. Reduces almost all X-Z Axis'flex' with strengthen linear rails and additional bracing. The original QueenBee design was a good foundation for the Bulk-Man 3D linear rail upgrade, however it had some limiting features that were overlooked. After feedback we received from individuals upgrading their machines to linear rail, some features of the original design were identified as problems and we worked on creating solutions in order to make the QueenBee PRO an even more reliable and rigid design. Some Upgrades to the Original Design Include. Standoffs for the ACME nut blocks. The original design spaced the nut blocks using the bolt and standard metric spacers.

While this worked, the nut blocks were very easy to misalign and adverse movement of the nut blocks resulted in the feed rate being limited. The QueenBee PRO overcomes this issue by securing the nut blocks in place using a specialised spacer block. With our new specialised secure spacer block there is no unwanted movement in the nut blocks due to the extended standoff. The X and Z Plate design allows for easy adjustments of the ACME Nut Blocks after installation.

If you have assembled a CNC Machine you know there is nothing more frustrating then having to disassemble parts just so you can adjust one component. Our new design has worked to make adjustments easy even after assembly. Extrusion inserted inside the Y-Axis C-Beams making the axis stronger. The empty space inside the C-Beam has been filled in to make a super rigid true 8040 profile.

Y-Axis End Plates have been re-designed to increase the rigidity of Y-Axis, as well as correctly align the Lead Screw for the new HGR Rails. With the HGR rails and bearings spacing the gantry further from the extrusion the ACME Lead Screw has been cleverly positioned accordingly. Y-Axis Gantry Plates have been re-designed to include additional mounting positions to secure X-Axis and increase Y-to-X Axis rigidity. A stronger Y-to-X Axis design has been introduced to reduce the chance of any axis'twist'.

All plates are designed for the Bulk-Man 3D Tingle Tensioning System. Our Tingle Tension System to reduce lead screw "whip" is a key feature in all new lead screw driven designs. Extrusion secured to the back of the X-Axis to reduce flex and increase rigidity. By fixing extrusion to the back of the X-Axis the overall rigidity has been increased substantially.

New and improved rigid spoilerboard design. A stronger spoilerboard makes the baseboard installation both easier, and more stable. Heavy Duty Slide in T-Nuts.

The Linear Rail is secured to the extrusion using Heavier Duty Slide in T-Nuts rather than the light duty Drop-In T-Nuts. About the "QueenBee PRO" Name. CNC Machine designs evolve through community modifications and version upgrades. The benefit of the nature of the OpenBuilds style CNC machines means that designs can always be upgraded and improved on. First there was the Shapeoko by Carbide 3D, then ROUTY by OpenBuilds followed by the famous Ox CNC which was a V-Slot machine based on the Shapeoko. After some time Ooznest developed the Work-Bee which was based on the foundation the Ox design laid. The Work-Bee has since gone through several versions, with the most recent version using the Tingle Tension System introduced to the market by Bulk-Man 3D. Working to create a linear rail upgrade CNC3D created the QueenBee upgrade as a linear rail option designed to work with Bulk-Man 3D Work-Bee CNC Machines. We made this linear rail upgrade the foundation of our own linear rail upgrade, however we have made several changes to the design to improve the machine. There have been a few different'linear rail upgrade' designs over the years to suit the WorkBee, Ox and Lead CNC Machines. A well known upgrade for the Bulk-Man 3D WorkBee CNC Machine was the QueenBee. The original QueenBee upgrade paved the way for the Bulk-Man 3D QueenBee PRO, and the name'QueenBee' has become a common description for linear rail modified WorkBee machines. As this machine is still an upgraded linear rail WorkBee design, the name'QueenBee' seems fitting however with the changes and improvements made to the new and improved Bulk-Man 3D design, the name given to this WorkBee Upgrade is the. What are Linear Rails and Bearings?

Linear Rails consists of two parts, the rail and the bearing. The Rail is a precision machined strengthened steel assembly that has twin parallel tracks to guide a bearing (also know as roller) along. When combining the rail with the bearing you achieve low friction and high stiffness linear motion for loads ranging from 1kg to thousands of kilograms. There are many applications for using linear rails including; industry, medical, science, defence, mining, construction, transportation. The benefit of linear rails over other types of linear guides are the rigidity, accuracy and load capacity.

Linear rails are designed to withstand force applied from loads in all directions, unlike other guides that are only designed to withstand a load in one direction. Linear bearings use recirculating balls held in place under tensions for movement. The high strength construction of the bearings make them superior to previous wheel motion in respect to load capacity, displacement accuracy and rigidity. The Benefit of Upgrading WorkBee to QueenBee PRO.

The WorkBee is a very clever and strong design, it has been our recommended machine for many years and has served the CNC community well. However when the WorkBee was first designed, the frame size was 750mm along the longest axis.

This worked very well when paired with a small router in a woodworking hobby application. The WorkBee design began to show some weaknesses when pushed beyond its original design as demand called for heavier spindles to be mounted to the machine, longer axis for enlarged workable areas, and capabilities of working with stronger materials such as aluminium. The QueenBee PRO is the perfect solution to these weaknesses.

The upgraded strengthen plates and extrusion layout paired with the precision linear rail system allow for heavier tools such as a 2.2kW and even a 4kW Spindle to be mounted to the machine. The increased rigidity of the linear rails on all axis reduces twisting of the axis and flex in the gantry observed on the WorkBee due to heavier tools being used. The QueenBee PRO creates a smooth and precise finish when milling aluminium and other soft metals by reducing chatter. The common'lead in' and'lead out' trail observed with machines using V-Wheels operating at high feed rates has also been eliminated. Faster cut times and operating speeds are now possible. When upgrading an existing Work-Bee to a QueenBee PRO design, the Work-Bee will need to be almost completely disassembled. Lubricant for the bearings is applied when they are manufactured however routine maintenance and re-lubricating is recommended, especially in high dust applications such as MDF.

Credit is owed to the the designers of previous machines that have paved the way for new designs that lead to our QueenBee PRO including, Carbide 3D, OpenBuilds LLC, Ooznest, CNC3D. "V-Slot" and " C-Beam" are registered trademarks of OpenBuilds LLC as released under the Creative Commons Licence "Attribution-ShareAlike".

All our components are designed to work and are fully compatible with the products produced by OpenBuilds. Return must include all original package and accesorries, item must in good condition. We will work with you to until you are satisfied. We will try our best to solve your problem to your satisfaction. We are always here with you! The item "QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill" is in sale since Friday, October 22, 2021. This item is in the category "Computers/Tablets & Networking\3D Printers & Supplies\3D Printers".

The seller is "bulkman3d" and is located in . This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Brand: BULK-MAN 3D
  • Model: 500x500mm ~ 1500x1500mm
  • Item Type: Mechanical Kit + Electronics
  • Item: QueenBee PRO CNC Router Full Kit
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA
  • Drive System: T8 ACME Lead Screws
  • Motors: 4pcsx High Torque NEMA23 345oz'in Stepper Motors
  • Frame Material: 6063-T5 Aluminum
  • Accuracy: 0.05 - 0.10mm (Screw Driven)
  • Linear Guides: Linear Rail and Bearings on C-Beam and V-Slot
  • Features: DIY Kit
  • Interface: Wi-Fi
  • 3D Technology: FDM
  • MPN: N/A
  • Maximum Print Size: 340x255x140mm ~ 1340x1255x140mm
  • Maximum Resolution: N/A
  • Nozzle Size: N/A
  • Printing Speed: 8000-24000 R/min
  • Feed Rate Capacity: 3000mm/min~8000mm/min

QueenBee PRO CNC Router Machine Full Kit 4Axis HGR Linear Rail CNC Engraver Mill