Mill Axis Router

CNC Router Mill Engrave 24x24 Milling Area

CNC Router Mill Engrave 24x24 Milling Area
CNC Router Mill Engrave 24x24 Milling Area
CNC Router Mill Engrave 24x24 Milling Area
CNC Router Mill Engrave 24x24 Milling Area

CNC Router Mill Engrave 24x24 Milling Area

We're starting a new Geometric Robotics (GR3) CNC Systems Group. This group brings GR3 owners and potential buyers together, contributing thoughts, ideas and uses for their machines, while sharing their mods and projects as well. Industrial model, Ball Screws on all axis and over 100 inches per min travel. This is capable of milling a 24"x 24" x 4.5 part.

It's milled from 6061 aluminum, 20 mm rods, two precision forged closed double bearing blocks on each axis, and an oil flush connector on each axis. This unit is ridged we only use grade 8 bolts; its 16mm Ball Screws have bearings and a lock nut on both ends to relieve stress on the motors and hold the precision.

Our units are made with changeable mounts so you can use just about any type router or spindle. A lot of machines are made to only accept one type. The T-slot, along the sides, have nuts inserted, and are used to screw a piece of 3/4 sub-floor onto: (such as AdvanTech). After installing the sub-floor board, a piece of sacrificial mdf board can be screwed onto it. Since you will make a mistake once in awhile, this is what I recommend doing, and I have been doing this for many years.

With using the mdf board, you can put screws and clamps anywhere to hold the pieces down, and when you need to cut around a piece, you can put a screw through the piece to hold it. With a T-slot top, you can only put clamps where the slots are, and when you need to cut the piece out, it really becomes a hassle. Like I said there are closed double block bearings on each axis.

A lot of manufactures use open block bearings on a supported rod. And open block bearing can flex under load compared to a close block bearing causing you to have to mill at a slower speed and loosing procesion on your milled part. And some are even using hollow rods which are not as strong. The only thing better is a rail and carriage bearing assembly which is on our. I'm pricing this unit as a kit, which means the X&Y will not be assembled.

The Z will be assembled for you, and simple tools will be needed to put the X&Y together. You'll want to take your time putting it together, and to make the pieces fit, you may need to file or sand them. Generally, most people can put this CNC together in an evening.

We have included everything in this kit to get you up and running. A CNC is an excellent tool for many hobbyists, which can turn their creations into a part time or full time job.

Like I said, I have been doing CNC work for years; we've built a lot of machines for individuals as well as commercial users. This machine is capable of making one just like it, or even a larger one. Because we think that the average handyman will be able to assemble this unit, we decided to price a kit unit to cut down the cost. And, we're always here to answer any of your questions!

We reserve the right's to make change for improvements. X&Y&Z 20mm rods and bearings X = 24 inch table 30 inches Y = 24. Inch X, Y and Z 16mm Lead 5mm Ball Screws Accuracy.

001 3 = Nema 23 270 oz stepper motors 3 = precision motor couplers 1 = 4 axis's controller 3.5 amp 1 = 24v, power supply 1 = db25 cable 1 = Your choice Standard Router or Standard Spindle mount. Need to be able to solder wires on db9 connector for the professional. This is what you get if you order the kit.

You will only need simple tools to put the X&Y together. The Z will be put together. You want to take your time putting it together. You may need to file or sand to make pieces fit.

You can usually put the CNC together in and evening. CNC knock down X&Y, 3 270 oz steppers, Control Board, 24v, Power supply, 3 couplings for motors, 25' stepper wire and a DB25 cable. You will find what ever software you use you will usually end up with Mach3. We can supply you with the xml file. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\CNC, Metalworking & Manufacturing\Woodworking Equipment\Routers".

The seller is "gr3ed" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States, all countries in Europe, Canada.
  • Control: CNC
  • Machine Type: 3 Axis Router Machine
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Brand: GR3

CNC Router Mill Engrave 24x24 Milling Area