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3 Axis Professional CNC Nema24 Stepper Motor 48V PSU For DIY Router/Mill/Plasma

3 Axis Professional CNC Nema24 Stepper Motor 48V PSU For DIY Router/Mill/Plasma

3 Axis Professional CNC Nema24 Stepper Motor 48V PSU For DIY Router/Mill/Plasma

3 Axis Professional CNC Nema24 Stepper Motor 48V PSU For DIY Router/Mill/Plasma. 3 Axis Kit for CNC DIY. M Stepper Motors + 148V 15A Switching Power Supply.

The breakout board in this kit is professional version, which has been upgraded to an intelligent and industrial-level interface board set. Including control pad and display panel.

Compared to standard version, professional version mainly has two more functions. One is the "computer G-code recording function", and the other is the "manual programing function".

With the embedded intelligent memory chip, this breakout board can easily record MAXIMUM 4 axis' (X, Y, Z, A axis) G-code running on the CNC software e. Of the computer, after which you can control the microstep drivers and stepper motors via using the recorded G-code without computer. The upgraded built-in manual control tools (display panel and control panel) not only can be used for manual motor control, but also for manual G-code programming. Manually programmed G-code will be recorded onto the embedded intelligent memory chip, after which you also can easily control the microstep drivers and stepper motors with recorded G-code.

This function is widely applied in RBI machine, Conveyor etc. The stepper driver board controller in kit is a high performance microstepping driver adopting of 32-bit DSP, pure sine wave subdivision technology. With this technology and the self-adjustment technology (self-adjust current control parameters) for different motors, the drive motors can run with less noise, lower heating, smoother movement and have better performances at higher speed than most of the drivers in the market. In short, you will get more benefits from the Kit on CNC work, especially extra-low motor noise offers excellent quietness. We have been fulfilling CNC Motion Control needs for over 10 years to support any project you may have.

Stepper motors and drivers from ENGMATE. Are with high quality for stable and durable usage. Automatic G-code recording for motor control. Manual G-code programming for motor control without computer. The 5th axis (B axis) on the breakout board can be used as a. For controlling frequency inverter via software e. To adjust speed of main spindle. Equipped with the display panel and control pad for. Manually control the stepper motor. Automatically finish Tool-settings on X, Y, Z Axis via the control pad , without the support of the computer. Real-time trail the running path of G-Code. On the computer or input by the control pad, and then completely and synchronously display the changing of MAXIMUM FOUR axis' X, Y, Z A axis etc. Values on its screen, it is completely synchronous with the values' changing on the FOUR coordinates of Mach. To get power , 5V DC power supply or USB port to get power from PC directly. Compatible with all the 2 phase, 3 phase and 4 phase microstep drivers in the market. Smooth signal transmission, powerful anti-jamming. With Relay output control interface. Available to control the spindle motor, air pump, water pump, etc.

Of input control in manual control interface, to set Limit, Estop, Midpoint-Setting, Cutter-presetting/Tool-Setting etc. Compatible with the Mach2, Mach3(Default Software), LinuxCNC(EMC2), KCAM4 CNC Software , etc. Function when the wirings between the breakout board and microstep drivers are incorrect. Extra-low motor noise offers excellent quietness. With 7 stalls output current setting.

Adoption of 32-bit DSP, pure sine wave subdivision technology. Low-vibration and low temperature rising. With 15 stalls microstep subdivision setting. Automatic half-current reduction as long as switching off SW4 when motors stop. Internal optical isolation, pulse input frequency up to.

Short-voltage, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection, protect the motors, driver from being damaged. Suitable for 2-phase and 4-phase Hybrid stepper motors. High torque, more smooth movement. High efficiency, energy-saving, low noise and low vibration.

High start torque, low start current and reliable performance. Simple 4 wires ensure easier wiring, installation and maintenance. High efficiency, high reliability, low cost. PWM control and regulation, insure the steady and precise output voltage.

Over-temperature protection: built-in a powerful fan for cooling. 100% full load burn-in test. Over current, over voltage, short circuit. Low output ripple and yawp. Suitable for a variety of small sized automation equipment and instruments.

For any small-and-medium automatic equipment with CNC controller, such as engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, milling machine, foam cutting machine, lathes, laser cutting machine etc.. For other industrial application, such as 3D printer, medical instruments, stage light equipment, robot, music fountain etc.. Electrical Properties of 5Axis Breakout Board(ambient temperature Tj = 25°C). 5V DC via power adapter or directly get power from PC via USB port. Pulse + Direction + Enable Signal Control.

2 Phase, 3 Phase, 4 Phase Microstep Driver EMA2-050D42/ EMA2-070D56/ EMA2-080D72/ EMA2-220A80 etc. Natural Cooling or Fan Forced cooling.

Avoid dust, oil fog, corrosive gas. 720W 48V 15A Switching Power Supply 110/220V Switchable. 110VAC/ 220VAC±20% (selected by switch). Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, East Asia. UK, France, Germany and Other EU Countries. South America, Italy, Other Countries/ Regions. We sell items to most countries of the world. Usually, we dispatch your order within. However, 95%+ parcels are delivered within the reference time. Please do contact and confirm with us BEFORE placing order. If you receive a not-as-described e. We will arrange a replacement as soon as the case is confirmed.

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  • Brand: Generic
  • MPN: 10104630112100600
  • Model: 3 Axis Professional Version Nema24 Kit
  • Application: Support Software Mach3, Linuxcnc, KCam4, etc
  • Modification Description: Holding Torque 2.94N.m (417oz-in)
  • Input Voltage: DC 48V
  • Number Of Axes: 3

3 Axis Professional CNC Nema24 Stepper Motor 48V PSU For DIY Router/Mill/Plasma